context customer event


Type: object

The customer completed successfully an order/transaction

Name Type Description Example
orderId string Order/Transaction ID "example"
type string Type of order
one of: "sale", "return", "sale-return"
storeCode string Store or affiliation from which this transaction occurred "example"
paymentMethod string The payment method chosen
one of: "cash", "creditcard", "debitcard", "paypal", "other"
shippingMethod string Shipping method chosen "example"
amount object Details of transaction {...}
products array[object] Products in the order [{...}, {...}]
extraProperties object Extra pieces of information you can tie to events you track {...}


Type: object

Details of transaction

Name Type Description Example
total number Total is calculated adding revenue, shipping and tax amount and eliminating discounts amount 42.0
revenue number Revenue is calculated by multiplying the price at which products or services are sold by the number of units or amount sold 42.0
shipping number Shipping cost 42.0
tax number Total tax amount 42.0
discount number Total discount amount 42.0
local object Currency local section {...}


Type: object

Currency local section

Name Type Description Example
currency string Currency of the transaction "example"
exchangeRate number Rate of exchange currency between default currency to local currency of the event 42.0


Type: object


Name Type Description Example
orderLineId integer Order line identifier 42
discount number The discount amount of order line 42.0
quantity number Quantity of a product 42.0
unitOfMeasure string, null Unit of measure "example"
subtotal number The total amount of order line 42.0
price number Unit price of the product 42.0
name string Name of the product "example"
sku string Sku of the product "example"
vendor string, null Vendor of the product "example"
type string The type of order line
one of: "sale", "return"
classifications array[object] The list of classifications of the product [{...}, {...}]
category array[string] Categories list of the product ["example", "example"]
shortDescription string Short description of the product "example"
linkUrl string The online catalogue of the product
format: uri
imageUrl string The image of online catalogue of the product
format: uri
coupon string Coupon code associated with a product "example"
tax number The tax associated with the order line 42.0
id string Database id of the product "example"
weight number/null The weight of the product ``
itemQuantity number/null The items quantity of the product ``


Type: object


Name Type Description Example
key string The key of the classification "example"
value string The value of the classification "example"


Type: object

Extra pieces of information you can tie to events you track